Top 5 Websites for ECM Distributed Capture

Whether you’re new to the enterprise content management (ECM) industry, new to a role where you have to make decisions impacting an ECM system, or you're simply on a quest to stay on top of the latest, greatest news and trends in ECM and distributed document capture, you may find the following reading list to be quite helpful: 

1. AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is the go-to global membership organization for the information management community. Their mission is to ensure that information professionals understand the current and future challenges of information assets in an era of social, mobile, cloud and big data, and they do it well through articles and research reports.

2. Published by one of the most well-known SMEs in the business, Digital Landfill provides everything from the latest data, trends, and statistics, to helpful articles on content management and social business, scanning, BPM, SharePoint and all things ECM.  The originator of this blog is the current AIIM President, John Mancini. 

Here is one recent article that talks to distributed capture, 8 Things to Consider in Pushing Capture to the Point of Content Origin, posted by Pam Doyle, Director of Education and worldwide spokesperson for Fujitsu Computer Products of America.

3. ECM Connection, exactly what the title implies, is an online source and newsletter for ECM news and solutions. ECM Connection's mission to help end users and integrators find information, news and source and evaluate ECM solutions that best meet their needs. They host numerous white papers and guest columns produced by vendors in the business.

4. is a popular web magazine published by Simpler Media Group, Inc. They provide daily updates and recent news about Customer Experience Management, Digital Marketing, Social Business and Enterprise Information Management.

5. Imagine Solutions' Blog… yes, this is shameless self-promotion at its best.  Imagine Solutions has been in the business of converting information into digital formats since 1998. We know first-hand that an effective distributed capture solution attached to an existing ECM system will result in reduced costs associated with storage and paper, improved access to information, fewer lost documents and errors, and an improved overall customer experience. Here, you will find expert information, trends, best practices and resources about distributed capture and other ECM-related topics. Check out these recent posts: 3 Significant Advances in ECM Mobile Data Capture and Transactional Capture: Why Guess Tomorrow What You Know Today?

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