Reinventing the Branch with Advanced Distributed Capture

While Internet and mobile banking continue to transform the role of the traditional bank branch, the fact remains that many of your most important customer interactions originate there.  New accounts, consumer and commercial loans, mortgages, investments, payments, treasury services - the basic elements of banking - often are launched out of a branch experience with a customer.

Yet for too many banks, branches remain the last bastions of paper-shuffling inefficiency.  Ironic, since the very things that cost you time and money are the things that most frustrate your customers.

The real question now is not whether branches will go away, but rather what type of branch experience you will provide your customers.  Is it efficient and accurate?  Does it keep your account officer's attention focused on the customer?  Does it provide options for customer self-service?  Does it reinforce your brand as innovative and technologically advanced?

Our view is that the branch should not be seen as a fading alternative to the digital banking experience, but rather as an "on-ramp" to that experience.  Imagine Solutions has worked with many leading institutions to deploy branch automation solutions that reduce costs, accelerate business processes, and drive a superior customer experience.

Highlighting trends, best practices and specific use cases, we’ll provide a practical roadmap on how your branches can become a more profitable and effective catalyst for your business.

  • Empower your branch offices to act as on-ramps integrating all processes into a seamless digital customer experience.
  • Leverage multi-channel input into your transactional processes better enabling access and more accurate big data.
  • Streamline the way your customers open new accounts and apply for loans, and how you move content around the enterprise to reduce cost and risk.

Imagine Solutions, ECM specialists and an IBM Premier Business Partner, brings you more than 15 years of designing and delivering solutions for process improvement and cost savings to banks.