Extending the Digital Mailroom with Advanced Distributed Capture

Imagine your typical bank branch for a moment.  A substantial amount of paper is generated in the branch by existing business processes and customer documentation. This paper must be moved forward to the back office for processing and so it is assembled into color-coded bags that denote the line of business it belongs to.  The bags are physically transported to a mailroom, a centralized operational facility, where the paper is processed. At this point, the paper can be centrally scanned, recognized, extracted for data, and forwarded to the next step in the workflow.

Now, for a moment imagine if those color-coded bags were digital.  The branch receives paper documents.  The branch sorts the paper documents.  The branch scans the paper, remotely, outside of the central processing center. The paper is instantly converted to digital images, where it is then identified, indexed and virtually sorted for distribution and further processing much, much sooner.  

Deploying distributed capture at the branch, or remote field offices for that matter, completely transforms the traditional digital mailroom, dramatically accelerating the information flow even further.  With no transportation costs.  No delays. And, mitigating compliance risk by eliminating once and for all excessive and expensive printing of shadow copies.