FastTrack Assessments

Jumpstarting your transformation from paper to ECM

There are at least three reasons for investing in Enterprise Content Management (ECM):

  1. Improve efficiency, reducing costs and increasing profits.
  2. Foster innovation, opening the door to growth and improved revenue.
  3. Achieve regulatory compliance, protecting the business by ensuring it meets legal requirements.

The transformation from a paper-based enterprise to a digitized operation can often be time consuming and complicated.  You know you need an ECM solution, but may not be sure where to start or what technology is required to achieve what you need.  Imagine Solutions can help.

As recognized ECM Specialists with over 200 successful implementations, Imagine Solutions’ consultants can help you identify quick wins and further refine your ECM vision, keeping your organization moving forward toward your vision.  Our FastTrack assessment helps identify where you already have a strong foundation and where you have potential to improve.

Our FastTrack Assessment includes the following steps:

  • Two days of onsite interviews with key line-of-business managers, executive sponsors and IT personnel. We use a proven set of discovery questions that address your current and future state strategy, business processes, technology environment and cross-department dependencies. Our consultants also familiarize themselves with your company’s geographic layout, current document processes, and customer service levels, internally and externally.
  • Identify and present a set of quick wins that typically fall into three categories:
    • Immediate – changes that can be implemented with minimal effort (e.g., process changes, useful new reports or metrics, etc.)
    • Intermediate – changes that may take a little longer and require some intervention (e.g., implementing a quick technology change with high impact)
    • Complex – typically system integration or more involved process changes
  • Develop and present a high-level ECM implementation and savings-funded roadmap, typically a multi-phased plan that includes high-level costs, time considerations and expected savings.

If the time is right for your company to begin jettisoning costly paper processes, let Imagine help you choose the right steps in the right sequence.  Contact us today to help you FastTrack your ECM path.