Installations and Upgrades

When high performance is as important as flawless execution

Imagine Solutions offers a complete range of ECM installation and upgrade services. Whether you are faced with an ECM installation that could be complicated and difficult, or your staff is busy on other initiatives and just can’t get to a needed upgrade project, Imagine can help. Delivered by experienced IBM and Kofax certified professionals, Imagine’s flexible approach provides the planning, installation, coding and complete on-site or remote service to ensure you have a production-ready environment when you need it.

Imagine has the experience to guide you in formulating plans for your ECM installation and upgrade. We recognize that every implementation is different, so our recommendations are specific to your project. We identify potential problem areas and propose resolutions that ensure we meet your business and technical objectives. Even in complex situations, when systems have been changed many times or an upgrade crosses many architectural boundaries, we are up to the challenge.  And we know the installation of your system is only the beginning. We help you understand what is required for the continual health and maintenance of your system with HealthChecks.

We make installations and upgrades work best for our clients in three ways:

  1. We are collaborative. We work side-by-side with our client’s technical staff as part of the installation team, listening well, and transferring our knowledge for on-going system maintenance; we don’t just install and leave. We consider it a partnership.
  2. We recognize that excellent installations are far more than a technology event. Our Success Checklist is a pragmatic list based on ECM best practices. It covers all aspects of a successful project, including current configuration performance and interoperability with other key systems. We review the Success Checklist with our clients in advance to help them prepare for a successful installation.
  3. We are flexible. As we understand your unique project priorities, we adapt accordingly.  We proactively help clients manage change, while balancing budget and schedule goals and constraints.

Many successful corporations are finding that their current staff often lacks the periodically required capacity and expertise to install, upgrade and maintain today's heterogeneous ECM computing environments in a timely fashion. This is where Imagine Solutions installation and upgrade service offerings can augment a corporation's staff by providing a quality service at a very competitive price.

When the unexpected happens, turn to Imagine. Click here to learn how Imagine Solutions can take the headache out of your ECM installation and upgrade project.