Records Management for IBM Enterprise Records

Ensuring a safe, high-quality implementation of IBM® Enterprise Records

Records management is a critical ECM function, with implications for regulatory compliance, productivity, and the smooth functioning of your ECM-dependent business processes. Implementing a records management plan requires a high degree of experience and expertise. But how often do your ECM resources get a chance to gain this experience and expertise?

Imagine Solutions' ECM consultants have implemented records management plans for many different companies, large and small, in multiple industries, across many lines of businesses. Utilizing our best practice framework, our proven approach includes:

  • Installing and configuring the IBM® Enterprise Records system
  • Implementing the file plan you define
  • Creating the architectural definition and implementation plan based on your records management objectives
  • Employing the proper application of a new file plan to existing documents
  • Providing post go-live support to address any program changes as users adapt to the new system

At Imagine, we understand your need for flexibility in our delivery approach. If you need help creating your records management plan, we can support you. If you need help with implementation services around your IBM Enterprise Records software, we can do that. If you need customizations because the out-of-the-box capabilities don't fit your specific business needs, we can build them. If document destruction is involved, we support that initiative as well.

Throughout the entire process, we ensure that the implementation support is aligned to the needs of your organization and that your records management initiative is aligned with the technology and integrates with your  business processes.

When you need your record management program implemented right the first time, with a view toward the future, Imagine Solutions is the right partner for you. Click here to learn more about Imagines' records management services.