Remote Administration & Monitoring Services (RAMS)

When you can't afford a FileNet outage or slowdown

Remote Administration & Monitoring Services

It is critical to monitor the performance of your ECM system to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. This often requires sufficient in-house staff with the expertise to keep your ECM systems operating at those high levels, spending hours interpreting cryptic FileNet error logs, or managing frantic calls from your business users as the system is coming down.

It can be expensive and time-consuming to purchase monitoring tools for anticipating systems issues, hire and train enough FileNet administrators to handle peak conditions and vacations, and worry about retention and ongoing training.

Imagine Solutions can save you the expense and effort.

Imagine Solutions' Remote Administration and Monitoring Services (RAMS) takes the headache out of ECM administration, giving you the benefit of an experienced FileNet administrator at a fraction of the cost. The RAMS offering includes:

  • Being assigned an Imagine primary engineer, with backup by our entire support team.
  • Providing daily email reports identifying issues that require immediate attention and those that are cautionary.
  • Providing interpretations of all relevant error messages and recommendations for the steps to resolve the issues. Enhancing your FileNet support by working closely with your team.
  • Supporting your calls to the IBM support hotline, including ensuring you have all the information for the call, assisting during the call to bridge the information gap, or managing the incident for you.
  • Identifying configuration improvements for overall system performance.
  • Mentoring your IT staff as needed.

RAMS keeps your FileNet applications running at optimal performance by identifying problems before they affect your business, reducing outage incidents, increasing system uptime, and mitigating the impact of absences, holidays, vacation, and training schedules of your current IT staff.

When you are looking to ensure you are getting the most out of your ECM investment, turn to Imagine. Click here to learn how Imagine Solutions can give you peace of mind by taking the headache out of FileNet system administration.