Encapture Overview

Secure and Scalable, Distributed and Transactional Capture

Supporting centralized, distributed, and remote capture (beyond your company’s firewall), Encapture® can dramatically reduce the paper handling burdens you face today.  Customers see reduced errors and costs, some up to 50% in the first six months.  Additional benefits worth noting include: accelerated business processes, enhanced customer experience, and improved compliance performance.

Here are just a few of the ways Encapture® supports your ECM needs:

Highly secure treating your content like the critical corporate asset it is.

  • From the moment Encapture® acquires content, that content is encrypted – both in flight and at rest – and maintained as tamper proof.
  • Administrator and user rights are managed through your existing enterprise security tools, and a comprehensive audit trail of all content and its disposition is maintained.
  • All web-based document requests are managed through a secure link to your customer or partner.

User friendly interface making complex capture processes simple for your users.

  • Encapture® provides a guided user experience and can be easily deployed in virtually any use case.
  • The Web client user interface is very intuitive; successfully evaluated and approved in the IBM Usability Lab
  • Direct integration into the front panels of MFP devices minimizes the end-user learning curve while it eliminates the risk of inaccurate indexing with support for automated database lookups and validation.

Seamless integration with business processes and applications.

  • Encapture® captures and indexes content and data at the first point of touch through the most comprehensive set of capture points directly driven by your business applications.
  • The Document Request feature supports guided customer capture inside and outside the firewall to feed your business processes.
  • Allows for capture integration from any third party application or source.

Very extensible for creating all the right connections to any system or process. 

  • Through a sophisticated library of Event Extenders and Connectors, Encapture® can perform extensive validation of index information and provide tight downstream integration with various 3rd party OCR, ICR, and Classification tools, with image repositories, and with leading ECM workflow platforms.

Scalable. Encapture® grows with your business.

  • In production today in some of the world’s most highly distributed enterprises, Encapture® has proven that it can truly scale to whatever your business requires whether you have 50 or 50,000 locations.

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