Encapture Features

Enterprise Distributed Capture System Designed to Enable Workflows

Encapture® enables capture from a wide range of distributed locations all from one centrally-managed and administered user friendly platform.

Additionally, Encapture® integrates with your business’s paper-intensive transactional processes such as: mortgage loan origination or new account opening.  The core applications will request what you need from a customer and clearly identify it in its digital form from that point forward, allowing you to accelerate transaction completion.

Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs) support lets you capture paper documents at shared, networked imaging devices from the leading MFP manufacturers. It is fully integrated into the device front panel, displaying a simple, easy to follow interface. 

Distributed Web Capture is a feature-rich end user function in Encapture, providing full document capture capabilities within a Web browser and the ability to monitor in-process content.

Application Integration lets you capture content directly from the application from which the content is received or created:  Microsoft Office/Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Windows File Systems. It is launched directly from an end user’s line-of-business application, such as a point of sale system, CRM, or electronic forms solution.

Print Driver provides the ability to capture content from any application with the ability to print, including Web browsers, Adobe PDF viewers, content authoring tools, and electronic forms solutions.

Document Requests is a unique function allows the capture process to be a participant in the workflow process, such as an email or Website to support document capture inside and outside the corporate firewall.   

Unattended Batch Capture polls source locations for content and automatically initiates the capture process with leading FAX and email servers.

Mobile Devices are the new normal for remote information capture. This application provides the ability to capture paper documents using the camera or import image content on mobile devices.

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