Closer to the Pen Client Workshop Notes 2011

It was our pleasure to host nearly 50 clients and associates on October 11, for the first annual, Imagine Solutions Client Workshop. We covered a lot of ground in two days but the theme throughout focused on the “how tos” and the benefits of capturing all content closer to the point of transaction origination.

It is at the point of the “pen” where knowledge about the customer or the transaction is the greatest and is where you typically see more value and higher returns on investment for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Our EVP of sales and marketing, Darrell Royal, traced image capture’s history, in part by comparing its maturity level with that of its sibling, check image capture. He demonstrated the parallel paths of growth between the two and how image capture can be leveraged for considerable operational transformation.

As I sit here thinking about all of the ways I heard value being attributed to new, innovative projects that our clients launched and completed over the past year; it reminds me of something that I’ve believed for years, “when your associates at any level, in any role, discover how image capture improves their performance, you will not have just converts but internal evangelists.”

If you missed the workshop, the client case studies, presented jointly with Imagine Solutions’ associates, revealed how to extend your reach to the point of the transaction and create organizational efficiencies based on return on investment statistics. Read more below about what they did, how they did it, and their exciting results!

Mortgage Operation Manages Large Acquisition-Related Portfolios

A large mortgage company made the case for building business intelligence into their ECM workflow when circumstances required capture at a point far removed from the pen. This organization receives thousands of newly acquired mortgage portfolios and needed to capture and commit them to their image archives. It was proving to be a very time consuming task that needed a solution. With the help of Imagine Solutions, this organization created a repeatable process to acquire new portfolios.

The first phase took a little over 7 months, from start to finish, and went live this past summer.

  • Image-capturing large volumes of loan portfolios from acquisitions
  • Building a repeatable process for future acquisitions 

When the entire project is complete, they will have a new ECM foundation and they anticipate significant savings and quality improvement along with a high compliance comfort-level and readiness for rapid growth.

Banks Eliminate Courier Fees

A large $60 BN Bank doing business in 19 states with over 700 branches, took a traditional, central capture environment and expanded capture to include their branch network associates, setting the stage for electronic vs. paper back-office processing. This change not only facilitated a $3 million dollar immediate savings by eliminating over 75% of courier fees, but also:

  • Improved branch process
  • Accelerated flow of transactional content into back office
  • Eliminated 22,000 road miles and 14,000 air miles daily
  • Reduced carbon emissions by more than 18 tons per day, 6,570 tons per year

Employees at the branches are thrilled with the new process and are proud that they were not only part of this green initiative but also reap the benefits of same-day processing, fewer missing or lost documents and reduced cycle times.

Government Agencies Streamline Case Management

In this example, two large government agencies brought image all the way out the optimal point – the point of transaction. A State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) deployed Encapture®, to better manage activities such as license renewals and inspection applications. The second agency is a large northeastern city’s Health and Human Services Division. They manage over 3000 case workers in 200+ locations by using Encapture to capture documents in the field. Each department was drowning in paper before adding Encapture to the mix.

The state department of motor vehicles integrated Encapture with their motor vehicle system and FileNet. They use the wizard functionality in Encapture to enforce business rules at the time of the transaction without having to perform ancillary document indexing, classification or separation.

The health and human services department integrated Encapture with FileNet and another system of record to support the capture many documents such as birth certificates, doctor’s letters, lease agreements, and proof of citizenship documents, to name a few.

The ECM projects helped them to:

  • Reduced nearly all of the cost to process, copy, transport, store, search for, and replace documents
  • Reduced cycle times from 4 weeks to less than 3 days and now are capable to perform same-day processing
  • Improved data quality with 100% of indexing errors eliminated

By moving capture to field associates who are in direct contact with the customer, these agencies have drastically changed and improved the way they capture and index.  The technology foundation of Encapture strongly supports their overall ECM strategies.

A sneak-peak at the technology behind the scenes

Our workshop wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the new release of Encapture, slated for release in spring 2012. We are excited about all of the possibilities the following enhancements will bring to you.

  • Capture images from an array of mobile devices direct to Encapture
  • Integrate any application in your organization with Encapture using the new API application tool kit
  • Request documents from clients or associates with the enhanced Document Request Wizard
  • Increased support for several new multi-function devices and enhanced globalization

The message is clear -- with new features and functionality for Encapture on the horizon and new ECM projects kicking off to stretch the boundaries of the traditional capture model, it makes me excited to be a part of getting everybody Closer to the Pen! In the coming weeks, we will be sending out a save the date for our 2012 ECM workshop. You won’t want to miss it and I look forward to personally seeing each of you there!