Encapture Release 3.9 - Enhanced MFP Support

Release 3.9 of Encapture for Distributed Capture is now available. Encapture is the leading enterprise-class, distributed document capture platform that securely captures image content from virtually any source – scanner, multi-function device, fax, email, web portal, mobile device, etc. - and delivers it in a consistent and controlled way to virtually any image workflow or archival system.

Encapture Release 3.9 offers the following new capabilities:



Sharp MFP support

Support for Sharp MFP devices that support OSA 3.0 and html.

Improved Mobile image processing

Improvements in the way images are processed on IOS devices, resulting in a faster capture transaction.

Event Extender Scripting

Updated Event Extender subsystem to support Javascript. Removes the need to recompile event extenders making it much easier to author and maintain custom event extenders. Applies to both client and server side extenders.

Spanish and Portuguese

Added Spanish and Portuguese language support for Web Client and Capture Wizard UI.

Standardization of Login and Delivery Connectors

The AD Login Connector, FileNet Delivery Connector and Datacap DeliveryConnector have been enhanced to simplify installation, customization and support.

Support for new Windows technologies

Support was added for Office 2013, Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8.1.

Persist UI changes for web client

All changes made via event extenders for the Web Client will be persisted in the UI for the life of the session or the batch.

TWAIN performance improvements

Encapsulated all TWAIN functions in the scan layer of Encapture to improve performance of TWAIN scanner processing.

Logging improvements

Update logging to track events at the millisecond level.

Localization support for Lexmark MFPs

Provided the capability to use language packs in the Encapture Lexmark Client UI on the device panel. This enables Spanish, Portuguese, French and English language support on Lexmark MFP devices.

Any Encapture customer current on their maintenance agreement with Imagine Solutions is eligible for upgrade to Encapture 3.9.