Encapture Release 3.9.1 - Enhanced Distributed Capture Capabilities

Encapture Release 3.9.1 will be available on June 1, 2014. Encapture is the leading enterprise-class, distributed document capture platform that securely captures image content from virtually any source: scanner, multi-function device, fax, email, web portal, and mobile device - and delivers it to virtually any image workflow or archival system to better manage unstructured content, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. 

Encapture Release 3.9.1 offers the following new enhanced distributed document capture capabilities:

Capability Description
Enhanced Microsoft Add-in Performance

The Encapture server connection is attempted in the background on Office application launch and failure information is only provided if the user actually tries to use the Encapture Add-In. This new logic speeds up Office app initialization and prevents unnecessary messages from being displayed when a user simply starts an Office app.

System Tray Configurator

All settings for the Windows Integration components of Encapture including the MS Office plugins, Windows Explorer integration and Print to Encapture feature can now be configured via a System Tray Icon, rather than separate configurations per each type of Windows Integration component. The System Tray icons are skinnable and localizable.

Batch Content Type (BCT) and Document Class (DC) display order sorting

The display order of BCTs and DCs can now be specified within the System Administrator module of Encapture. Previously, all BCTs and DCs were displayed in alphabetic order. This enhancement prevents users (such as MFP users) from having to scroll down multiple pages to locate the more frequently used BCTs.


Encapture customers with active maintenance agreements are entitled to receive the Encapture 3.9.1 release. Please contact your Client Manager, Project Manager, or Imagine Solutions Technical Support to arrange for delivery of the software and discuss service options.

Note: With the release of Encapture 3.9.1, availability of new fix packs will be limited to the most recent versions - 3.7.x, 3.8.x, and 3.9.x. If your system is at release 3.6.X or below, we encourage you to consider upgrading to the latest release of Encapture as soon as practical. An upgrade to Encapture 3.9.1 provides new features to users, compatibility with the latest Windows and Internet Explorer versions, long-term supportability, and the assurance that new service packs will be available as needed to address technical issues.