About Imagine Solutions

We help companies – all sizes, all industries, all configurations – get the most value out of their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) investments.

We deliver pragmatic ECM solutions that bring new levels of automation and agility to document–intensive business processes. From our flexible capture platform, to our complete range of ECM services, leveraging our skilled ECM consultants, we help clients substantially improve information quality, increase operational effectiveness and mitigate compliance risk, in a cost-effective fashion.

Founded in 1998, Imagine Solutions holds a firm set of four beliefs that both guide and impassion our work and energize our clients. We believe:

…that your ECM journey should begin with a compelling vision. It is how you transform your organization that counts, not the technology configuration or requirements. Know where ECM can take you, and where you want to go. It is vision that energizes your stakeholders. It is vision that keeps them on the path to value. Get your ECM vision right. Commitment, ownership and the technical details will come.

…that content capture should be a core component in your enterprise infrastructure. Enterprise standards abound – for security, networks, databases, and more. But not for how unstructured content enters your organization. Unstructured content shows up everywhere, through every channel, taxing customer service and employee productivity. You need a primary ingestion management layer, centrally managed, simple to use, and compatible with other infrastructure.

…that major investments in ECM software should pay off broadly. Not as glorified archival systems – there are cheaper and better ways to do archival. Your ECM investment should make the right content available, at the right time, to the right person, in the right format. If that’s not happening for you, a little incremental investment can vastly expand your ECM benefits pool.

…that the right time to digitize content is the first time you touch it (or sooner). Compared to paper, digital content is faster, cheaper, more secure, more searchable, and leads to a richer customer experience. Instead of just automating old paper processes with centralized capture, take capture out to the edge of your enterprise to customers and suppliers. Embed it within your transactional systems. That’s where you’ll find ECM’s greatest value and differentiation.

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