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5 Ways Intelligent Capture can Drive Value in Your Financial Institution Today


Few industries rely more than financial services on the receipt, verification and data entry from unstructured content. Whether you are approving loan applications or onboarding new customers, human intervention is usually needed to review and make sense of content that is received through many channels, including emails, paper, screen capture, uploaded images, electronic forms etc. Unfortunately, this is usually slow, error prone and costly.

Intelligent Capture streamlines the capture, recognition and classification of documents and extracts important information from those documents. These solutions can quickly turn content into information and play a key role in driving digital transformations that help improve business processes and reduce costs.


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Current state of Intelligent Capture technologies
  • How Intelligent Capture solutions are increasingly augmented by Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies.
  • Demonstrations of Intelligent Capture solutions driving value in financial institutions today, including:
    • Closing Commercial and Consumer Loans Faster
    • Improving customer experience in a New Account Opening process
    • Growing Mortgage Loan Servicing while reducing costs
    • Reducing costs to close more Indirect Auto Loans
    • Complying with federal regulations - Achieving FDIC part 370 Compliance
  • How to lay out an Intelligent Capture roadmap for your organization.


Darrell Royal
President, Imagine Solutions

Tony Nguyen, Sr.
Sales Engineer, Imagine Solutions

Ryan Macaleer
Director, Worldwide Digital Business Automation, IBM