Seize new business opportunities and deliver better service with efficiency in an ever-changing marketplace.

Imagine Solutions banking solutions LoanFlow™ and BankFlow™ are designed to engage customers when, where and how they want. Imagine expedites banking processes while empowering your customers with simple hassle-free access to account openings and mortgage loan processes. With Imagine, financial institutions can automate their onboarding process with market leading cognitive capture, automatic routing of information, process management, mobile and analytic capabilities to improve customer engagement while facilitating a proactive response to changing market opportunities.

Imagine Solutions LoanFlow
LoanFlow from Imagine Solutions is designed to leverage the power of ECM by complementing and integrating with your current loan origination and servicing systems to create a complete “digital lending” experience. It helps lenders replace paper-intensive manual tasks with streamlined, automated processes, to speed information flow and provide improved control and visibility. LoanFlow helps lenders dramatically reduce cycle times, improve loan data accuracy, reduce risk of fraud and improve service and compliance.

Imagine Solutions BankFlow
BankFlow is an integrated solution that helps banks avoid the creation of paper content when possible, digitize remaining paper at the first point of touch, and securely manage digital content as it flows to downstream processes and repositories. With BankFlow, users can predictably save over $10,000 per branch per year, while improving the customer experience, reducing compliance and fraud risk, and accelerating critical workflows. Particularly if you have already implemented check image capture in your branches, the savings through courier elimination alone can be substantial.

Improve Your Financial Processes
Imagine Solutions financial processes, LoanFlow and BankFlow, automatically capture business critical interactions and automatically classify, extract and validate the captured information—and then route that information into the appropriate business process, application, and content repository. As part of the process, these solutions automatically initiate the downstream workflows needed to process, collaborate and resolve any problems that may arise, including, but not limited to requests for additional information, obtaining necessary approvals, and the receipt of trailing documents—all while ensuring the consistent application of business rules needed for regulatory compliance.

See For Yourself!

For a free demonstration of how LoanFlow and BankFlow can reduce error prone manual processing and reduce operating costs while ensuring regulatory compliance, please contact Imagine Solutions at 214.572.3600 or e-mail us at

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