LoanFlow is designed to leverage the power of enterprise content management to transform Mortgage Loan Automation, Consumer Lending and Indirect Auto Lending.

Increase efficiency and optimize your workforce

Rapidly capture all paper and electronic documents regardless of point of origin and automate routing, tracking and notifications for faster data verification, loan review, and approvals.

Simplify the Loan Process

Utilize best practice workflows to guide customers and loan representatives from “application” to “loan signing” while accelerating the loan process.

Automate Customer Communications

Capture information early in the process and facilitate proactive customer communications while providing greater process transparency.

Facilitate Collaboration

Facilitate cross-organization collaboration through shared access to all documents using built-in approval and exception handling guides.

Enable Data Analytics

Replacing paper and manual processes with software allows businesses to automatically collect data that can be mined to better understand process performance, cost drivers, and risk.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Lower risk and regulatory exposure with accurate reporting and faster response to audits from the point of loan origination, across each touch point, to final archive.

Automate Capture and Data Extraction

Eliminate manual keying while capturing and extracting data from multiple information types, including scanned documents, electronic forms, email, social media, web content, and SMS messages.

Balance Workloads

Automate assignment and reassignment of work based on skill-sets, workload, or business complexity, including the uploading of requisite documents.

Visualize Performance

Real-time reports and dashboards allow users to visualize data regarding operating conditions and potential problems before they become critical—enabling you to provide a superior customer experience.

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