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Datacap HealthCheck: A Quick Tune-up Might Make a Bigger Difference Than You Think

Dec 12, 2018 by Tony Nguyen, Intelligent Capture Expert

Few things in this world operate in “set it and forget it” mode. You take your vehicle in for a 10,000-mile tune-up to keep it operating at top performance. You take yourself to an annual physical, just to make sure there aren’t any issues that could morph into big problems down the road.

Yet, you probably haven’t taken a careful look at your IBM Datacap set up since the day you went live. And that could be costing you—in terms of performance, efficiency and value.

Let’s face it - while Datacap is among the most powerful frameworks for managing complex capture workflows and processes, this power comes at a cost. Datacap can be a complex and sometimes confounding platform, with its wide array of features, workflow options and customization paths. As the product, the industry and your business dynamically change, you have to continually refine your system configurations and use cases, and how you apply the features to your needs.

That’s why Imagine Solution’s Datacap HealthCheck was created. It’s a painless, objective check under the hood to ensure you are current, configured for optimal performance and that you’re making the most of all of the available tools. In short, it’s the fast track to helping you realize the Datacap value proposition.

How It Works

The engagement starts with a house call. 

One of our Datacap experts travels to your site, and interviews key stake holders – operational users, technical resources and line of business owners – to fully understand current pain points and target business use cases and goals. Then our expert carefully walks through your deployment, reverse engineering each process to get a clear view of the current set up, and to identify changes that could improve performance, throughput and accuracy.

Part of the process is also education. While onsite, the consultant demonstrates system capabilities and presents benchmark data to your staff, as well as answering any individual questions they might have. It’s like having a master class with a system expert, a bonus that most of our clients find invaluable.

Finally, within two weeks of the onsite, the consultant presents a detailed report with prioritized recommendations on how to optimize platform set up, as well as the projected outcomes of each action. In most engagements, this document also includes a list of minor fixes that the organization can do on its own for quick wins in efficiency and accuracy.

When You Need It

The right time for a HealthCheck depends on the current state of your company and intelligent capture initiative.

For companies with no outstanding issues, periodic HealthChecks are recommended every two years, which coincides with the frequency of major Datacap releases. This timing ensures your company stays up-to-speed on new features and fully utilizes all of the enhancements.

If your company has grown, or your volumes have changed, a HealthCheck is critical to ensure that your Datacap deployment remains optimally aligned with what’s actually happening in your business—not with how you operated 14 months ago.

For companies that are experiencing any of these pain points, it’s time for a HealthCheck, STAT, to stop the bleeding:

  • Poor throughput performance - Given the processing intensive nature of intelligent capture systems, document throughput rates are among the most common challenges faced. The array of variables that impact performance can be daunting – from infrastructure configuration, to OCR selection and set up, to the adoption of custom actions within the application. Imagine understands the complex interplay across these variables in the context of your specific use cases and can often dramatically improve your outcomes with a few tactical adjustments.

  • Declining accuracy in auto-classification and data extraction - For most of our clients the ROI associated with auto classification and data extraction is foundational to the intelligent capture value proposition. As enterprises expand the adoption of these capabilities beyond their initial deployment, resulting in expanded document types, extraction fields and use cases, the need to revisit and continually optimize recognition models is critical. With Imagines’ core competency in optimizing recognition frameworks we can help you understand how the latest technologies and best practices can be applied to your business needs.

  • An increasing number of batch failures - Another common issue we encounter is the operational overhead associated with batch failures which can occur from events such as receiving unexpected image types or encountering corrupt files. Our approach to resolving this problem is a two-pronged approach – eliminating failures at the source through root cause analysis and logic enhancements; and automating remediation through rules.

Why You Need It

With Datacap, as in life, what you don’t know can hurt you. Our experts have seen examples of this time and time again.

For example, a CIO at a large organization was frustrated because he didn’t know how many documents were coming in, which employees were handling them, and critical workflows were in compliance with committed SLAs. During the HealthCheck, he learned that these answers were at his fingertips – he just hadn’t realized it. By turning on configured reporting in Datacap, they could track user workload, individual output, and job completion times, as well as identify potential bottlenecks and volume spikes. Having total visibility into the operation enabled these leaders to quickly adjust staffing for volume patterns and better manage the overall

Another HealthCheck helped a client identify the root cause of auto-classification errors. It wasn’t a system problem, as the client suspected, but the fact that Datacap had been set up to use fingerprinting for unstructured data, which is designed to classify structured data. Just one change produced a dramatic boost in accuracy.

These are only two of the myriad ways that Imagine Solutions’ Datacap HealthCheck has positively impacted client outcomes. Without exception, every engagement so far has delivered a roadmap for improved efficiency, throughput and performance.

Get in Shape for the New Year

Datacap can play a pivotal role in your intelligent capture initiative. By staying on top of the changes in the platform and in your requirements and making sure you maximize all of the benefits Datacap brings to the table, your company can see real, tangible benefits. So, as the new year rolls around, why not resolve to keep it in top condition?

A HealthCheck may just be exactly what the doctor ordered.

To find out more about the Imagine Solutions’ Datacap HealthCheck, click here.

Or, if you’re not a Datacap user yet, our HealthCheck experts can also do a readiness assessment to identify how this platform fits with your intelligent capture goals.

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