Unite Information, Processes and People Around a Case

Imagine Solutions combines knowledge and process to effectively support the ad-hoc and unpredictable nature of case management while integrating the tools required to support knowledge-intensive, goal-driven processes and impromptu tasks that may require collaboration and social networking to support case progression and resolution activities.

Provide a 360-Degree View to All Authorized Users

Gain a 360-degree view of all cases while allowing all authorized participants to understand all of a case’s content. The relevant information derived from the process, content and analytics help drive better decisions and optimizes case outcomes.

Facilitate Collaboration

Facilitate cross-organization collaboration through shared access to all case documents using built-in approval and exception handling guides.

Gain Insight and Speed Decision-Making

Leverage analytics to gain insight into cases to help speed decision-making using the aggregated information to develop insights to improve case resolution.

Create a Case Regardless of Industry

Establish an entity called a case and provide the tools needed for it’s complex handling and processing regardless of Industry. Cases can be expressed through a wide variety of business issues such as customer service, claims processing, citizen benefits, mortgage processing, patient care, etc.

Integrate Cross-Industry Capabilities

Imagine Solutions integrates the technology needed to automate customer onboarding, data extraction, and process automation – each of which may involve a unique set of industry related tasks, decisions and approvals.

Facilitate a Customer Centric Environment

By utilizing dynamic case management you can improve customer satisfaction and retention by delivering all relevant content to facilitate a convenient, personalized experience that resolves issues in a timely and equitable manner.

Visualize Performance

Real-time reports and dashboards allow users to visualize data regarding operating conditions and potential problems before they become critical. You can also model, manage and optimize the business processes to speed case resolution, reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Balance Workloads

Automate assignment and reassignment of cases based on skill-sets, workload, or business complexity, including the uploading of requisite case documents.

Enable Data Analytics

Replacing paper and manual processes with case management software allows businesses to automatically collect case data that can be mined to better understand process performance, cost drivers, and risk.

Extend Regulatory Compliance and Retention Capabilities to the Case

Meet regulatory, risk and compliance management requirements by capturing case contents, histories and forms into a records management system, which is fully accessible for discovery to meet compliance and legal requirements. Full audit trails are maintained to track decision-making and reduce risk while complying with government-mandated regulations.

Handle Multiple Formats for Faster Processing

Retain and manage a range of information formats, including electronic forms, documents, email, social media, web content, XML and multimedia assets as well as Microsoft-based applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.


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