Supplement your IT staff with skilled and certified consultants from Imagine Solutions

Imagine’s Client Management Services can help you:

Design new solutions or applications to meet or enhance core business requirements and/or vertical specific solutions.

Develop custom workflows and scripts to augment your current ECM solutions.

Install, upgrade, troubleshoot or tune-up your existing ECM system.

Provide emergency service for unforeseen production issues (e.g. restoring a lost image repository, recovering data, and/or resolving security issues)

We understand how challenging it is to accomplish all your project goals and business needs when resources are low. Imagine offers customized assistance and effective solutions that bridge the gap.  With Imagine, you can avoid the expense of maintaining additional staff to cover spikes in workload, keep operations and projects flowing smoothly, gain a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to achieve project objectives and leverage the skills of other existing staff.

Whether it is recovering from a crippling system outage, performing development, testing the capacity of your new systems, or just bridging a skill gap while you search for new people, we have the qualified resources you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Find Out How Imagine’s Client Management Services Can Augment Your IT Operations

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