Easy to Use

SaaS applications in the Cloud are available for any computer or mobile device— anywhere at any time, Because most people are familiar with using the Internet to find what they need, SaaS apps tend to have high adoption rates, with a low learning curve.

Low Implementation Costs

SaaS applications are subscription based. There are no long-term license fees only a monthly subscription fee that lowers your initial implementation costs. Imagine Solutions manages the IT infrastructure that minimizes your costs for hardware, software, and the people needed to manage it.

Faster Time to Benefit

Different from the traditional on-premise model, SaaS software is already installed and configured. The user can access the application via the cloud and be up and running in a short period of time. This reduces the time spent in installation and configuration, and can reduce the issues associated with implementing new software which can effect operations for months at a time.

Automatic Upgrades and New releases

Because Imagine Solutions manages all updates and upgrades, there are no patches for customers to download or install. Imagine also manages the required infrastructure, so there’s no need for customers to add hardware, software, or bandwidth as the user base grows.

No Costs for Maintenance

IT Costs and effort associated with maintaining the software are lower than with on-premise solutions which usually require the user to buy an upgrade package, install it, and pay for specialized services to get the environment upgraded.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Since SaaS solutions reside in the Cloud and can be integrated with other SaaS offerings in a multitenant environment, they can scale indefinitely to meet user demands. Imagine Solutions offers customization capabilities to meet specific needs as well as the APIs you need to integrate with existing ERP systems or other business productivity systems.

Easy to Use Modeling and Proof of Concepts

SaaS offerings are easy to use since they already come with best practices and samples to facilitate implementation. Users can do proof of concepts and test the software functionality or a new release feature in advance to going-live. They can even do a smooth migration while using different versions so not to interfere with on-going operations.

More Consistent Budgeting

SaaS costs are predictable as the software usually resides in a shared or multitenant environment where the hardware and software license costs are low compared with the traditional model of on-premise hosting. Another advantage is that the customer base can be increased since it allows small and medium businesses (SMB) to use software that otherwise they could not afford due to the high cost of software development. Maintenance costs are reduced as well, since Imagine Solutions owns the environment and its cost is split among all customers that use that solution.