Accelerate customer onboarding and account openings with Cognitive Capture while improving overall customer satisfaction.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Speed processing and reduce labor costs by capturing critical data and documents required to validate information and speed customer onboarding.

Reduce Operating Costs

Enhance your bottom line with streamlined onboarding to reduce costly, labor-intensive, manual processes and ensure accuracy by using automated onboarding and advanced capture technologies with auto-classification and workflow.

Personalize Customer Relationships

Improve customer engagement by providing your customers with a timely, personalized onboarding experience that provides automatic communications, timely follow-ups and status messaging through the customer’s preferred method of communication.

Increase Data Access and Integration

Imagine Solutions onboarding allows you to leverage data from multiple ECM, BPM, and workflow applications located throughout the enterprise.

Provide Mobile Capabilities

Allow customer’s to use their mobile devices for fast, hassle-free account openings using digital forms and timely interactive communications accessible through multiple channels.

Increase Competitiveness and Maximize Profitability

Accelerate new customer and case openings and shorten sales cycles and benefit access through improved customer communications while providing a competitive advantage to increase profits.

Maximize Performance

Utilize real-time reports and dashboards to quickly filter and visualize data regarding operating conditions and potential problems. Comprehensive process statistics allow managers to address problems before they become critical—enabling you to provide a superior onboarding experience.

Let Us Help You With Your Onboarding

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