A Proven Conversion Framework

Imagine Solutions conversion framework has been developed and optimized based on the company’s extensive ECM experience. It offers the following advantages:

  1. Using a distributed, database-centric model, the framework enables automated, accurate, and highly scalable processing of documents, resulting in timely and reliable results.
  2. The framework’s modular design allows us to easily tailor it to match your unique requirements.
  3. Our collection of proven ECM system modules ensures that conversion operation can begin with
    minimal lead-time.
  4. The framework maintains a complete audit trail for each step of the conversion, thus providing a clear chain of custody for compliance and regulatory purposes.
Leveraging our proven conversion framework and methodology, Imagine:
  1. Performs an upfront data analysis and develops a mutually agreeable conversion plan.
  2. Merges and/or consolidates document types and performs the appropriate meta-data enhancements
    as part of the data cleansing process.
  3. Extracts the existing documents and/or images from the source system, converts them to the target system formats, and ingests the documents into the target system.
  4. Creates a reconciliation report to account for all records and documents – what was done, what documents were converted, which documents were not converted and why.


Flexibility is at the heart of what we do. 

This includes several approach options:

Site Flexibility

Conversion at the client’s site or at our secure conversion facility for organizations that either don’t have the bandwidth or are under time pressures.  For conversions performed at Imagine, you simply deliver the pertinent archive (your source data for either import or export) and we process the conversion and return the originals and the converted data to you.

Full Conversions

All existing documents are pre-loaded into the system prior to going live, whether active working documents or archived documents that are still within the official retention period.

Partial Conversions

Only a designated number of documents are identified to be converted (e.g. only the most recent documents that are still considered active or relevant to ongoing business processes)