Imagine Solutions ECM Strategy engagements can include:
Performing a Gap Analysis

Reviewing your current ECM strategy and performing a gap analysis against your goals.

Identifying a Capture Strategy

Developing or renewing a strategy to make the transition from a centralized capture approach to a distributed and/or transactional capture approach. 

Creating a Impact Analysis

Evaluating whether to extend an ECM initiative across all lines of business, including a complete impact analysis. 

Identifying Process Improvements

Reviewing your current ECM architecture, matching it to your business needs and workflow process to determine where products and/or process changes will improve overall metrics. 

Creating a Cost/Benefit Analysis

Reviewing your ECM initiatives and determining the most efficient and cost-effective approach, balancing all competing priorities.

Developing an Enterprise Content Management Roadmap

Developing or reviewing your enterprise ECM roadmap, complete with a future-state vision, reference architecture, program governance and workflow/business process enhancements.

Leverage Your Shared ECM Services

Facilitating design and deployment of shared ECM services models, from LOB “evangelization” initiatives, to business case and funding templates, to cost transfer and SLA management models.

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