Customized to meet your Individual Needs

Imagine Solutions ECM Value Assessment brings a highly pragmatic orientation to the process, recognizing that each client’s business needs are specific, that their full ECM deployment can be achieved over time along different paths, and that part of our job is to simplify the chosen path.

Leverages All Options of the ECM Value Chain

Our ECM Value Assessment focuses on identifying at a granular level the right correlations between investment and benefit from ingestion methods, to capture approaches, to optimal workflow management, to effective data retention and management.

Ensures a Transfer of Knowledge

Each Value Assessment uses a collaborative approach that ensures a transfer of knowledge from Imagine consultants to the client.

Each ECM Value Assessment includes the following key steps:

  1. Preparation and Discovery:  We conduct on-site detailed reviews with all relevant constituents to fully understand your requirements and objectives. We review your current process and understand your future state objectives. We gather all relevant reports, including work origination, work distribution, detailed process steps, exception processing, quality control, and work dispatch.
  2. Future-State vs. Current-State:  We document your current state processes, including critical success factors, role identification/description, process flow diagrams, key activities performed as part of the process, volumes and benchmarks, SLAs, pain points, current electronic content ingestion methods, and system integration points with system-of-record applications.  We build a future-state diagram.  We provide comparisons back to the current-state, identifying changes in process, task reduction, task augmentation, time per process step, data flow modifications, and areas for technology consolidation.  We review current-state and future-state diagrams onsite with each process owner to ensure accuracy.
  3. ECM Implementation and Savings Funded Roadmap:  Based on key indicators, we deliver a multi-phased plan that includes expected costs and expenses savings, time and process efficiency gains, conceptual architecture and an optimal implementation approach.
  4. Executive Presentation:  We present our findings and show you specifically how to achieve your future-state vision and what the impact to your company’s bottom line over time will be.  Many clients use this presentation to help justify the overall ECM expenditure and measure the program savings.