Imagine Solutions Encapture®

Encapture® enables capture from distributed locations all from one centrally managed and administered user-friendly platform.

Establish a Single Point of Capture for the Entire Enterprise

Capture is where Enterprise Content Management (ECM) begins. The sooner, more safely and more accurately content enters your ECM ecosystem, the better everything downstream will flow.

Encapture® tackles in a unique way the challenges that enterprise distributed capture can create. It is secure, it is intuitive to use, it provides comprehensive central administration, it supports a broad range of scanning devices and leading multi-function peripherals (MFPs), and it can be tightly integrated into the processes, applications, and repositories that drive your business.

Secure and Scalable, Distributed and Transactional Capture

Supporting centralized, distributed, and remote capture (beyond your company’s firewall), Encapture® can dramatically reduce the paper handling burdens you face today.  Customers see reduced errors and costs, some up to 50% in the first six months.  Additional benefits worth noting include: accelerated business processes, enhanced customer experience, and improved compliance performance.

Find Out How Encapture Can Help Speed Your Processes

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