Keeping your ECM environment running in top notch form

Utilize Imagine’s Healthcheck as a One-Time Evaluation or On a Subscription Basis

Imagine Solutions HealthCheck service is a two-staged process. The first stage is an evaluation of all technical aspects of your ECM environment that are relevant to the performance of the system. Imagine’s experts examine:

  • System architecture and design
  • Relevant system and error logs
  • Performance reports
  • Load and response times
  • Other relevant factors

Following the technical analysis, Imagine’s experts conduct user interviews to better understand usage patterns and identify system characteristics and user “workarounds” that may conceal performance issues.

Once the analysis has been completed, Imagine presents a report of its findings, including:

  • Performance profile highlighting key statistics from your environment.
  • HealthCheck report with a detailed analysis of the state of your ECM environment. For quarterly or semi-annual subscribers, the report also compares the current results to the previous report, so that clients can see progress and/or easily identify stubborn issues.
  • Recommended actions to mitigate system issues that were uncovered.

Step up Your ECM Performance

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