Combining advanced data capture with Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows businesses to solve the toughest document capture challenges.

Intelligent Capture

Today, organizations collect, process and store huge amounts of data. Unstructured data, ranging from email messages to correspondence, represents approximately 90 percent of that information1. It doesn’t matter if you’re approving loan applications or processing insurance claims, human intervention is usually needed to review and make sense of that unstructured data. Unfortunately, this is usually slow, error-prone and costly.

Intelligent Capture solutions can understand and learn, making it easier to automate the extraction of valuable information from unstructured documents. These solutions can quickly turn data into information and play a key role in driving digital transformations that help improve business processes and reduce costs.

A Capture Solution for All Types of Processes

The opportunities are numerous. For example, what if a financial services institute could better detect potential fraud through extraction and analysis of details buried in a large complex loan file? What if a state government could detect patterns in Health and Human Services constituent services case files that could lead to preventative service offerings enhancing the lives of citizens and saving the state millions of dollars? These are just a couple of the opportunities that will be enabled through Intelligent Capture.

Leverage Intelligent Capture in Your Business

Imagine Solutions is leveraging its’ depth and breadth of knowledge in capture technology, use cases and solutions to take a leading-edge position in the emerging field of Intelligent Capture.

As technology continues to advance, new software capabilities like those available in Intelligent Capture can have a measurable and sustainable impact on your business. Whether in the cloud or on premise, Intelligent Capture can provide your organization with the return-on-investment and agility you need to respond to new business opportunities and changing regulations while driving your business forward.

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IDC, “Big Data, Bad Data, Good Data: The Link Between Information Governance and Big Data Outcomes,” January 2015

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