Introducing the most productive way of handling both paper-based and digital documents entering your organization.

A Changing Business Environment

It goes without saying that as digital communications and content becomes ubiquitous in both our personal and professional lives, it has become essential that businesses quickly adapt and manage both digital and paper-based information. What is needed is a solution that captures, identifies, transforms, integrates and feeds business process with information as it enters the organization—regardless of the source or location of its origin.

Introducing the Virtual Mailroom

Despite the fact that “digital initiatives” are popular in most organizations, paper is still a valuable resource. As a result, effective mail automation needs to integrate both paper-based documents with digital content. Despite the difference in medium, both methods have similar challenges. Both digital and paper-based documents need to be classified to understand them, information needs to be extracted and delivered for processing.

Unfortunately, in many cases data from either medium needs to be rekeyed which can cause errors.  To eliminate these errors and improve business processes, companies need to fully automate their document capture, classification and data extraction. By supporting automatic processing of all content—mail-driven processes can be expedited with the virtual mailroom.

The Imagine Solutions Virtual Mailroom is the catalyst that allows paper-based and/or electronic documents to feed your business processes. It is a digital equalizer that puts documents and their content on an equal footing for distribution and processing regardless of where it enters the organization.

The Virtual Mailroom is designed to automatically extract and validate information from incoming business mail whether it arrives in paper and/or electronic formats. It streamlines the movement of documents via business process workflows. It enables organizations to capture, review and modify information at any point in the business process while providing analytics via graphic dashboards. Armed with this information, users can improve throughput based on real-time information to help speed processes and maximize profitability.

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