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How Intelligent Capture Streamlines Mortgage Processing for Servicers

The mortgage industry has long suffered from its existence as a highly paper-based industry, a reality that sucks enormous resources to dig through thousands — and sometimes millions — of documents for important information. The largely unstructured format of these mortgage documents, not to mention the lack of organizational consistency, hemorrhages hours in tedious manual review.

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IBM Datacap Upgrade Service

IBM Datacap has a ground-breaking new release of IBM’s enterprise capture software. With the breadth of new capabilities and dramatic improvements around ease-of-use, we believe current Datacap customers will be very motivated to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. That’s where Imagine Solutions comes in. With years of ECM and Datacap experience Imagine Solutions is the partner to get you up and running on Datacap 9.0 and realizing the business benefits that this exciting new release has to offer.

The Datacap Upgrade Service Includes:

  • Assess current Datacap Environment
  • Upgrade Datacap components to the latest version for development and test environments
  • Roll out upgraded solution to production and DR environments (or oversee customer led roll-out)
  • Determine which custom actions can be replaced with the new version's out-of-the-box (OOTB) actions
  • Upgrade custom actions to OOTB actions as appropriate
  • Recompile and regression test current custom actions that are not being replaced with OOTB actions
  • Generate new custom actions as needed
  • Model complete conversion from current release to the latest version
  • Provide professional project management throughout
  • Create complete document describing new environment
  • Train and hand-off to customer

Why Choose Imagine Solutions?

  • IBM ECM Partner of the year award winner- multiple times
  • Deep Datacap expertise – years of experience deploying Datacap solutions
  • Numerous Datacap solution accelerators to speed up deployments
  • Superior skills across the entire ECM spectrum
  • Our focus is on delivering a total business solution

Pricing is based on scope of current Datacap environment deployed and number of custom actions in use and will be formally priced in a Statement-of-Work (SOW).

Contact Imagine Solutions for more information: 214-572-3600 or

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Imagine Solutions named IBM Beacon Award Finalist for Outstanding Enterprise Content Management Solution

Dallas TX – IBM announced that Imagine Solutions has been named a IBM Beacon Award Finalist for Outstanding Enterprise Content Management Solution. The solution named was for a recently-deployed enterprise content management (ECM) and case management solution (CMS) for the State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services (DHS), Benefit, Employment and Support Services Division (BESSD).

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ECM System Production Deployments – What Could Go Wrong?

ECM System Production Deployments – What Could Go Wrong?

Why do enterprise production deployments go wrong so often?

The thought typically occurs to senior IT managers at some point in their careers – especially during times of rapid growth, severe resource limitations or big organizational changes. A weekend project failure, or a series of failures

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Digital Lending is Closer Than You Think

It still amazes me, as I talk to customers across the country, how wide the gap is between the vision of digitizing paper lending processes and the day-to-day operational reality. There are definitely individual departments that are leveraging new digital technologies for

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