Improve government services while cutting costs and handling an ever-growing range of constituent services.

Driving more efficient and effective Government Processes

As state and local governments are increasingly forced to do more with less, there is unprecedented demand for solutions that reduce cost, improve the citizen experience, ensure compliance, and mitigate fraud. Paper continues to be a leading cause of inefficiency, frustrating delays, and risk, and Imagine Solutions is a leading provider of content digitization solutions that leverage the IBM ECM software suite to solve this paper dilemma.

These solutions have been delivered in a wide range of departmental use cases. Three areas of particular focus for Imagine Solutions has been:

Health and Human Services

Virtually all medical and social assistance programs involve a paper intensive process for services application, eligibility determination, case lifecycle tracking, and case dispositioning. Our solutions digitize all content at the first point of touch, associate the right documents with the right case, monitor SLA performance against government mandates, and provide a 360-degree view of a citizen’s services-related content.

Department of Motor Vehicles

In complying with the REAL ID Act, under the purview of U.S. Homeland Security, states are required to comply with more rigid documentation requirements for issuance of driver’s licenses and identification cards. Transportation departments also process substantial documentation related to trucking freight and tariff reporting requirements. Our solutions support automated requests for and capture/digitization of required documentation at the point of citizen interaction, and then automatically associate those electronic documents with the correct metadata and indexing.

Procurement/Contract Administration

Given the strict process and approval requirements associated with government procurement and contract administration, the ability to associate required documentation with defined workflow steps is a core operational requirement. Our solutions enable the creation and enforcement of approval workflows, correlate required documentation with those workflows, and enable contextual and role-based viewing of that content.

Additional areas of interest would include Attorney General offices, licensing and permitting, environmental protection, and other areas where work is driven by significant volumes of paper-based applications and reporting.

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